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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Sports"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! *1NF - Football - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): NFL Teams (#1 Nonfiction Sales)

A lot of your students love football. And Some of those Same Students are Reluctant Readers. This series will satisfy all of your Football Fanatics. Each title covers a team’s history, star players, biggest moments, championships, and more!

 OA525572   |  32 Books in Set
*3NF - Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Motorsports Maniacs (#3 Nonfiction Sales)

MUD FLYIN! SMASHIN & BASIN! Your kids will the engines vibrating, hear the ROAR of the crowd and watch cars BANG into each other! All While READING! This series highlights some of meanest vehicles around: history, competitions, latest innovations, drivers and MORE!

 OA524893   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr K-3: Amazing Sports

YOUNGER READERS LOVE SPORTS! And this series gets them into the Game. Through easy text and detailed action photos, each title examines the history, equipment, primary positions, safety and rules. Also, they include mini-bios on the best players in the sport.

 OA525568   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr K-3: Sports - Search-And-Find

I SPY Meets SPORTS! GREAT SERIES for Beginning Readers! Full-color photos are accompanied with very simple text. Young readers learn facts as they search for the objects described. A good way to get your youngest students into the enjoyment of reading!

 OA525576A   |  24 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr. 2-5: Big Game & Championships

From the Super Bowl to the Summer Olympics, this action-packed series dives into the fascinating history, thrilling moments, and greatest champions of the world’s biggest sports events.

 OA525440   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Extreme Racing (People & Machines)

There's nothing more amazing than hearing stories of people pushing their bodies and skills to the limit. The races in this set, from 24 Hours of Le Mans to the Antarctica Marathon, are true tests of the outer bounds of what humans can endure. Each book profiles a different endurance race, explaining how each is performed, the incredible training individuals and teams must go through before race day, and the challenges of participating in the race. This set shows your readers how hard work and dedication can pay off with an incredible accomplishment.

 OA525344   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): History Of Sports

Who? What? When? How? There is a Grand History to each of the sports your kids enjoy. This series Delivers a Homerun! Great design, images covering two pages with simple text in manageable blocks allow readers to learn the origins, biggest games, clutch performances and superstars. Perfect for Reluctant Readers.

 OA524890   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Sports' Miracles

No, this isn’t Michael Jordan walking on water. Or Tom Brady parting the Seas. Though, some people would believe these events could occur. Your readers will read about the Greatest Comebacks, Plays, Teams winning when they shouldn’t and other Out-of-this-World performances. Yet, another series to get your kids – especially Reluctant Readers – into books!

 OA525575   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo):Unique Sports (Very High-Interest)

A LIBRARY MUST! "Usually you pay double for that kind of action, Cotton." With Books on Dodge-ball AND Fantasy Football- plus another four titles, this series should Be Double the price of others in the catalog! But your students are LUCKY Normal pricing for exciting sports that are just a bit outside of normal... lively action, fun details, sharp photos and informative sidebars make this a CAN'T MISS for More than just your sports fans!

 OA525193   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3-7: Global Sports

This sports series explores the world's most popular sporting events--from the FIFA World Cup to the Olympics--through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. Developed with your curriculum in-mind, your students will gain a greater perspective on sports and their overall impact.

 OA524888   |  8 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3-7: Martial Arts For Kids

Practicing martial arts is a great way for kids to exercise, your students learn self-defense, become disciplined, and learn and preserve the important heritage of a number of cultures. Various forms of martial arts have been around for thousands of years. This set explores some of the most popular forms of martial arts for kids, including aikido, karate, and tae kwon do. Exciting fact boxes and bright images supplement the in-depth narratives. Takes your readers into the dojo to learn something new.

 OA525398   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr. 3-7: Sports Innovations

Leather Helmets? No forward passing? Goalies with no headgear or padding? No roll bars in Race Cars? Open cockpits with the driver’s head being the Highest point? I am truly amazed: How Did Any Athletes survive? Your readers will devour these titles. The transformations which occurred in each sport are fascinating…some just plain shocking. Type of books, once started, will not be put down!

 OA525574   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3-7: Ultimate Sports Road Trips - FUN

The distinctive designs, fan traditions, chants and locales make some arenas / venues a little more “special” than the rest. Another very unique series! Your students see these famous places on tv, but to see all the details that make the place special? Each title highlights the best ten places to watch an event in person. Location, history, famous events, key moments are all covered. A Very Fun Series your Sports Fans Will Love!

 OA524899   |  8 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3-7: Underdog Sports Stories - Ideal!

Everyone CHEERS the Underdog – heck, I even cheer for the Gophers knowing full well any victory they get is that of an underdog. Whichever Sport your hard-to-reach kids like, it is here. The stories are compelling with outstanding images, graphics, right amount of text to explain the key moments, plays and players in the game being covered. Your readers will marvel how a “can’t win team” pulls-off the victory.

 OA524900   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports - Gr. 3-7: Wild World Of Sports

Your young sports fans and athletes would be love to learn quirky, interesting, and astonishing facts about their favorite sports. This series covers the wildest stories that the world of sports has to offer. From sports' biggest scandals to its biggest clowns and goofballs, this series has something for everyone.

 OA525092   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports - Gr. 7-12: Professional Sports Leagues

This series introduces the major north american professional sports leagues, exploring each league's history and how it has changed from it's inception to the present day. The books detail the great players and team of yesterday and today. the iconic moments that have defined these sports, and the legendary arenas, fields and stadiums where fans come together to be entertained and awed by teamwork and athletic excellence.

 OA525286   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports: Debates - Gr. 3-7: Great Sports Debates

Each book discusses multiple debate points, with appropriate information on various topics related to the sport. It doesn’t really take much for readers to formulate their own argument ideas. An ideal way to get students talking to others, including their family, on the books being read.

 OA524889   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! -Gen Sports: Debates - Gr. 3-7: Greatest Of All Time

ALL THE RAGE! This Concept becomes more Popular by the Day. Who is the Greatest? Whatever SPORTS are favored by your students, I guarantee they are talking about who is the Best. Each book provides bios on the top athletes in a particular field. All of their achievements are right there for the reader to decide who is the Greatest. These Books will Circulate!

 OA525573   |  8 Books in Set
-Gen Sports: Debates - Gr. 3-7: Greatest Vs. Greatest

This set gets your kids reading at a slightly higher level. Studies have shown all of us can read at a higher level IF we enjoy the subject. These series will attract Reluctant Readers. Almost everyone likes to debate which athlete is better than other – especially amongst your kids. Each title compares two athletes – one classic & one contemporary – head-to-head in a specific sport. Exciting stats, points on each of their skills & accomplishments along with action images give the reader enough information to reach their own conclusion!

 OA524693   |  6 Books in Set
-Gen Sports: Skills - Gr K-3: The Basics

LOWER-LEVEL SPORTS TITLES! ALL your kids enjoy athletic events – playing, watching – now your youngest can READ about them. These books present simple information and the general rules of each sport in very age-appropriate language provided in bite-sized segments. Great images both professional and kid athletes make these titles engaging as well as informative!

 OA524689   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Baseball - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): MLB Teams: Baseball Fun

Baseball is a Popular Topic with many of your Reluctant Readers! The design is full of Action Photos & Stunning Graphics. The text explains the history, memorable moments, key plays, coaches and star players. A Grand Slam for Your Sports Fans!

 OA525571   |  30 Books in Set
Baseball - Gr. 3-7: MLB'S Greatest Teams

Baseball is still a popular topic with many of your Reluctant Readers. With an enveloping design full of Vivid images & Graphics, Fun Facts, Captivating Captions, the simple text in bite-size chunks explains the history, memorable moments, key plays, coaches and star players. A Grand Slam for Your Sports Fans!

 OA524892   |  16 Books in Set
NEW! Basketball - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Inside The NBA

From humble beginnings to one of the world's most popular sports leagues, the NBA has provided thrills to millions of fans since the 1940s. Inside the NBA tells the story of each NBA team, its origins, its successes and failures, and its all-star players and most popular coaches. This NBA series will get you up to speed on your favorite team with fascinating facts and stats, exciting photographs, and much more.

 OA525907   |  30 Books in Set
Basketball - Gr. 3-7: NBA's Top 10

Through vivid photos, sidebars, Fun Facts, Interesting Captions, each book offers your readers a Top Ten List featuring THE BEST basketball has to offer. BUT your kids will Not necessarily agree. This will get them talking about the book with family and friends. Solid Addition.

 OA524894   |  8 Books in Set
Bios - Gr K-3: Sports Superstars

Introduces your emergent readers to the lives of their favorite sports players! High-interest topics, eye-catching images, and accessible text are sure to excite your kids as they learn more about notable athletes.

 OA525108   |  10 Books in Set
Bios - Gr K-3: Sports' Greatest Superstars

MORE LOWER-LEVEL SPORTS TITLES! A common theme repeated through-out the catalog: We Want Your Kids Reading! And lower-level books on the most Exciting Performances in the BIGGEST EVENTS in SPORTS? An EXCELLENT choice – simple text matched with action images, just enough info. and Multiple Stars per title. IDEAL. See Bio Section for more titles on athletes.

 OA525107   |  6 Books in Set
Bios - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Sports Dynasties (New Angle)

TRUE CHAMPIONS ENDURE and their GREATNESS is HISTORICALLY MEASURED. The teams and players your Reluctant Readers will find fascinating. Each title looks at a Sports Dynasty – titles won, big plays, star players, coaches. With an enveloping design featuring Sidebars, Fun Facts, your kids will love these books!

 OA525106   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Bios - Gr. 3-7: Epic Sports Legends

Some athletes’ careers are so impressive that they become near-mythical figures! Your students learn about the lives of sports heroes and legends from the past and present. These biographies of the biggest superstars in sports history cover each athlete’s rise to the top, their greatest games and successes, and other moments that cemented their status as sports legends.

 OA525443   |  8 Books in Set
Bios: E-Sports - Gr. 5-9: Top Video Gamers

Just like Football, E-Sport fans have their favorite players! Video gaming has become an entertainment giant worth more than $60 billion in revenue. There are a lot of contributing factors to its popularity, and foremost among them are video game streamers and YouTubers. Every day, millions of fans tune in to watch their favorite gamers play their favorite games. Streams are funny, heartfelt, and intense, but above all, enthralling. This series takes an in-depth look at some of the world's most influential video gamers and the games they play. Your readers learn how they've captured the loyalty of fans across the globe, which includes using the power of social media and internet distribution to make it to the top. And what makes them so good at Games.

 OA525128   |  4 Books in Set
Bios: Football - Gr. 2-5: NFL Superstars

Captivating Graphics, Vivid images, Fun Facts featuring simple text in small bites equals the Best Football Bios out there! Each book focuses on one star and his background, biggest achievements and plans for the future. Your Reluctant Readers will be Fully Engaged! More Sport Stars in our Bio Section.

 OA524895   |  8 Books in Set
Bios: Pro Wrestling - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Superstar Bios

YES! YES! YES! John Cena has FINALLY Brought his Friends to your Library! WHAT? Time for Reading. You have tons of Reluctant Readers who LOVE Wrestling!!!! No, it is not a "REAL" sport, but there is no denying they are athletes. Personally, I could careless about wrestling. However, these are the type of books that will get your most disinterested kids into reading. And from there, you can transition them into other sports related titles.

 OA524692   |  10 Books in Set
Bios: Soccer - Gr. 3-7: World's Greatest Soccer Players

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and your young readers are hungry to know more about its superstars. World's Greatest Soccer Players tells the stories of some of the iconic stars in men's soccer today, from their childhood all the way to their triumphs on the international stage for their professional clubs and their home countries alike. Exciting storytelling, action-packed photos, and informative sidebars give soccer fans a fresh look at some of the game's biggest stars.

 OA525234   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! E-Sports - Gr. 2-5: Best Of Gaming

Your students get an inside look at the popular (and growing) gaming industry! Meet the most popular superstars and streamers, they learn about the biggest gaming events and competitions, and more. This high/low series takes both gaming fans and readers new to gaming on an exciting tour of the industry.

 OA525439   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! E-Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): E-Sports

Log in and learn about the exciting world of Esports with these thrilling and informative books. Readers will learn about the history, league highlights, and top teams for games like Fortnite, Rocket League, and NBA 2K! This hi-lo series is complete with epic and colorful photographs, simple text, and a glossary and index in each title.

 OA525906   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! E-Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): E-Sports Live

NO WONDER. With your kids playing video games 24/7, it really isn’t hard to believe E-SPORTS have literally become a hit overnight. Now, you can get those students into books. This is the only series MANY Reluctant Readers will want to read. Each title uses simple text and action photos while covering the subject in-detail. IDEAL!!!

 OA525359   |  8 Books in Set
E-Sports - Gr. 3-7: Game On!

Video Games aren’t just a hobby anymore! This series looks at all aspects of E-Sports: Cheating, Competitive Video Gaming, Careers, Professional Teams, Gender Equity, History and more. Through age-appropriate text matched with solid photos, each title gives depth on the subject. This is a great series to move Reluctant Readers to a little bit higher-level.

 OA524987   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Extreme Sports - Gr. 2-5

This high-powered series gives your readers a glimpse into the thrilling world of extreme sports. Each book's four easy-to-read chapters walk readers through the sport's history and the events ans styles athletes compete in today. Plus, a Superstar feature highlights one of the top competitors.

 OA525284   |  8 Books in Set
Extreme Sports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Action Sports

How do your Action Sports Series Look Like? Oliver will wait for you to look. Just what he thought: Not fresh looking – not like a magazine. Not enough action images covering two pages. Nor is the simple text in small blocks explaining the history, equipment, moves, competition or safety. Oliver says ‘You Are Welcome’ – This is THE SERIES.

 OA524686   |  6 Books in Set
Female Sports - Gr. 3+(Hi/Lo): Sports Basics

Your female students want to know more about the sports they love to play! This series features an incredible design stacked full of diagrams and action pictures. Designed like a magazine, the information breaks-down the rules, fundamentals, skill development, positions, techniques…everything to get them into the game!

 OA525079   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Female Sports - Gr. 3-7: Gymnastic Zone

Combining artistic grace, athletic skill, and technical proficiency, gymnastics is a unique sport. It has developed throughout history and has gained popularity with athletes and fans all over the world. Gymnastics Zone includes information on important figures, memorable moments, and exciting competitions from the sport's earliest days to modern times. Action-packed pictures and engaging text bring the world of gymnastics to life, making Gymnastics Zone perfect for athletes and fans alike.

 OA525285   |  6 Books in Set
Female Sports - Gr. 3-7: Super-Sports For Girls!

Girls Play All Sports. This set provides practical information through engaging texts, action photos and diagrams. Each book explains a handful of sports – descriptions of the physical aspects, inside look at training regiments and case studies highlighting women who are at the top of their game. As nearly 50% of females are involved in sports, books like these have a solid place in your library.

 OA524897   |  6 Books in Set
Football - Gr. 2-5: Football In America

UNIQUE FOOTBALL TITLES! This series covers a variety of Football-related topics you simply can’t find. From Football Safety to Youth, High School to College, NFL Draft to the NFL, Hall of Fame to Great Moments, each book looks at the particular subject; its history, important people, evolution and so much more. UNIQUE = READING SUCCESS!

 OA524887   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Football - Gr. 3-7: Inside College Football (Your State Listed?)

FACT: College football teams have more fans than the NFL. These are the top teams your kids talk about, watch the games & track their rankings. Each title covers the history, key moments, plays, players and biggest rivalries of a team. A must for your Football Fanatics!

 OA525076   |  20 Books in Set
Football - Gr. 3-7: Inside The NFL

In Nonfiction, nothing circulates like Football. All sports are popular, but football is Huge. KIDS Love Reading about it. The designs keep getting better. So many morsels to read surrounded by action photos and graphics. Quick Stats, Fun Facts, Humorous Anecdotes all accompany a team’s history, highs & lows, key players from the past & present, storied achievements, greatest plays and how the team is preparing for the Future…Hope runs Internal. Just ask the Viking Fans.

 OA525891A   |  32 Books in Set
NEW! Motorsports - Gr K-3: Wild Rides

Motorcycles, stock cars, and dirt bikes are all wild rides that make great reading topics. Through closely leveled text paired with colorful, engaging graphics and labeled images, this series is sure to have your kids gearing up and getting ready to read.

 OA525374   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Floored! Supercars

Tech and innovation are at the forefront of luxury supercars. This series explores the cool features that make these high-performance vehicles some of the best in the world. From the history of the brand, to fast facts, and awesome photos--these books have enough to keep any car enthusiast engaged. This high-interest series is written at a low readability to aid struggling readers.

 OA525967   |  6 Books in Set
Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Gearhead Garage

Rev up those reading engines! Gearhead Garage explores the evolution, design, and technology of the most earth-shaking cars and motorcycles. Hits CCSS standards in visual literacy and integration of knowledge and ideas. With dynamic images, diagrams, charts, and infographics galore, these hi/lo offerings will have your reluctant readers racing for more.

 OA525381   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Mighty Muscle Cars

MUSTANG or CAMARO? CORVETTE or TRANS AM? Everyone has their favorite. No facts will change them. The design features vivid images and stunning graphics. The simple text will envelop students like fine leather seats – Especially Reluctant Readers – with fascinating facts, interesting captions, car’s history, designs, features and why it is beloved. FAST CARS GET KIDS READING.

 OA525570   |  6 Books in Set
Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Tough Trucks (TRUCKS=READING)

Ford or Chevy? Ram or Toyota? Trucks are the #1 selling vehicle in America. Everyone has their favorite. No facts will change them. But with a thoroughly enveloping design featuring vivid images, graphic, fascinating facts, interesting captions, the simple text in small blocks focuses on a truck’s history, designs, features, why it is beloved and interesting uses. Your Reluctant Readers will Love’m!

 OA524898T   |  6 Books in Set
Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): X-treme Motorcycles & Cars

HOT CYCLES & CARS! Great Design! Each title focuses on the history, designs, features, founders, why it is famous and the interesting uses of the cycle or car.

 OA524691   |  12 Books in Set
NEW! Motorsports - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Xtreme Cars

This series explores some of the fastest cars on the road today. These are the most acclaimed, high-performance vehicles in the world, including supercars from Italy to precision-engineered cars that cruise German autobahns. Your future drivers will love this series.

 OA525909   |  6 Books in Set
Olympics - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Paralympic Sports

The Paralympics are here and there’s so much to see! From fast-paced team sports to intense individual races, the world’s best athletes with disabilities come together to compete in Olympic-style games. High-impact photography keep your readers engaged while learning about athletes who compete for a gold medal.

 OA525306   |  4 Books in Set
Olympics - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Summer Sports

Every four years, athletes gather to test their strength and speed against the world’s best at the Summer Olympic Games. This updated series explains the most popular Olympic sporting events to your young readers who are eager to watch the excitement. Features Updates records and photo highlights from 2016 Olympics, making this a great viewing guide for upcoming Olympics in Tokyo. Balanced covered of male and female athletes of different races inspires all young athletes.

 OA525305   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Outdoors - Gr K-3: Go Outside!

"Go outside!" Many young people hear this phrase from their parents, but they might not consider the countless fun activities they can do outside. This motivating set has the answers and the inspiration for them. Each volume offers a different outdoor activity and explains what it entails through a friendly narrator and low-ATOS text. Camping, hiking, and hide-and-seek are some of the entertaining ideas that your readers explore. Vivid images of the activities in action make them grab a friend and head outside.

 OA525317   |  6 Books in Set
Outdoors - Gr. 3-7: Outdoor Adventures

Millions of people are passionate about nature and enjoy activities in the great outdoors. Outdoor Adventures provides practical introductions to popular nature-inspired activities. These books present straightforward yet engaging descriptions about each of these activities, including equipment, methods, rules, and safety concerns. Your outdoor enthusiasts of all ages find something to love in these books.

 OA525233   |  8 Books in Set
Outdoors - Gr. 5-9: Fishing - Ultimate Guide To

Fishing is a very popular hobby and sport that helps humans relax and connect with nature. Your readers who are interested in honing their craft and utilizing all the tricks of this pastime will enjoy this expert resource, which provides fishing enthusiasts with all the information they'll need for their next trip. Your readers find out how to successfully catch different types of fish, how to select a rod and bait, as well as ways to support environmentally friendly fishing. These insightful tips are essential to boost those fishing skills up a notch and ensure an experience that is enjoyable, safe, and sustainable.

 OA525399   |  4 Books in Set
Rodeo - Gr. 3-7: Saddle Up!

From young horse lovers to prospective competitors, your fans students will love being immersed in the competitive world of horse-related sports. This series will introduce the history behind each event, the rules and scoring for competitions, and the required equipment and attire. Your readers will get to know the ins and outs of the major competitions and events involving horses.

 OA524896   |  6 Books in Set
Soccer - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): On The Pitch

Score a goal with this fantastic series about the world's most popular sport. Students explore soccer from many angles, from its popular players to the rules of the game, and get in on the action. Great for compare/contrast discussions. Are your students ready to get On the Pitch?

 OA525382   |  6 Books in Set
Soccer - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Super Soccer

From the World Cup to the Olympics to Professional Leagues, SOCCER is the MOST Popular Sport in the World! Each title highlights the biggest moments, greatest plays, best players and outstanding teams. This is a MUST for your Soccer Aficionados!

 OA524898   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Soccer - Gr. 3-7: Inside MLS (Soccer Rocks)

BOOOORIIIINNNGGGGG! But not to a bunch of your kids! Just because I – and possibly you – don’t care for the game or Geronimo Stilton, doesn’t mean they aren’t the right titles for certain students. Each book covers a very well-known Soccer Club, describing its history, key games, players, rivalries and everything else under the sun.

 OA525569   |  26 Books in Set
Sports Science - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Got Game - STEM

This series has got game of its own. Perfect for looking at subjects from different perspectives, this series examines sports from all the angles. Throw in some STEM applications, and this is a winning set.

 OA525383   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Sports Science - Gr. 3-7: STEM At Sporting Events

From the Super Bowl to the Daytona 500, the greatest sports events are an impressive display of science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM in the Greatest Sports Events examines how weather can affect a game, shows off the cameras and computers behind the scenes, surveys the impressive design of the stadiums and arenas, and goes deep into the statistics that help fans better understand these events.

 OA525260   |  6 Books in Set
Sports Science - Gr. 5-9: Greatest? MATH To Crown The Champion

Since the dawn of professional sporting leagues, fans and pundits have debated the same question: Who is the GOAT, or the greatest player of all time? Everyone has their favorites, but few can successfully use statistics to back up their claim. Fortunately, this set brings math and sports fandom together, giving your readers the tools necessary to understand how much their math class and their favorite sports have in common.

 OA525404   |  6 Books in Set


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