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Grades: 2-5


NEW! Daredevil Sports - Gr. 2-5

H. Garrison

Far from the school playgrounds where most people learn their favorite sports, these extreme adventures require lots of safety training and a bit of guts to go out and be a daredevil. Readers learn about the incredible dangers of high-octane sports such as BASE jumping and snowkiting, making sure that even the most reluctant of readers move to the edge of their seat. From the thrill of bull riding to the dark wonders of cave exploration, these books are guaranteed to make a big splash.

6 Book Set
Set Includes
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OA233425   NEW! Barrel Racing
©2018 | H. Garrison
OA233426   NEW! BASE Jumping
©2018 | H. Garrison
OA233427   NEW! Bull Riding
©2018 | H. Garrison
OA233428   NEW! Cave Diving
©2018 | H. Garrison
OA233429   NEW! Ice Climbing
©2018 | H. Garrison
OA233430   NEW! Snowkiting
©2018 | H. Garrison
  • Full-color Photographs
  • 32 Pages
  • 6-1/2" x 9"


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