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Your Oliver & Andy Category Results for "Animals"

Most of the items in this category are sets that contain a number of different titles. In some cases, the sets contain subsets. Click on the "Go To" links below to view more specific information on individual titles within a set. To quickly search for individual titles, you may use the search box on the left.

NEW! *6NF - Pets: Learning About Pets - Gr. K-8 (#6 Nonfiction Sales)

An important part for kids' lives! Pets provide fun, love and responsibility. Featuring the most popular pets, these books offer information on choosing and caring for a pet. Through age-appropriate texts, engaging designs and bright photos, each title supplies the right level of information.

 OA991919   |  60 Books in Set
NEW! -Animal Collection - Gr K-3: Amazing Animals

THE K-3 ANIMAL SERIES! With a JUMBO SIZE – 11-1/4” x 9-1/4” – these titles are Superb. Vivid, fascinating images are assisted by simple text in explaining the basic characteristics of the animal: habitats, appearance, behavior, etc. The pics alone make these the best series available.

 OA877777A   |  78 Books in Set
NEW! -Animal Collection - Gr K-3: Animals That Live In...

Your beginning readers will be captivated by the vibrant images. And the easy-to-read text that provides just the right amount of information on these creatures that call the ocean home. Your students will also learn about each animal's life cycle, behavior, and unique adaptations to its environment.

 OA524726A   |  23 Books in Set
NEW! -Animal Collection - Gr K-3: Kids Like Animals

Soar through the colorful world of fascinating animals and informative books. Students learn about their habitats, life cycles, and what type of foods they eat. Easy text, vibrant pictures, and fun diagrams helps emerging readers.

 OA863007   |  52 Books in Set
NEW! -Animal Collection - Gr K-3: Search-And-Find Animals

Have you ever been in animals habitats? This search-and-find series lets your young readers dive right in and learn about the awesome animals living in our world. They'll find fun facts on every species; yes, there's a lot to learn and discover. Exciting Series!

 OA841841   |  61 Books in Set
-Animal Collection - Gr. 2-5: Animal Kingdom (PERFECT for Reports)

Over the years, I’ve spoken with 1000s of librarians. (Thank-you!) I learn quite a lot from these conversations – too much to list here! But one item: What curriculum topics are really tied-in to the classroom at a particular level. ANIMALS for Grades 2-5 are near the top. This is the set you can use for the next decade. With Large, vibrant photos, the engaging text allow explains the physical traits, habitat, diet, life cycle and special characteristics of the featured creature. These books will not disappoint!

 OA524725   |  48 Books in Set
NEW! -Animals - Gr K-3: Baby Animals

“AAAHH” – SO VERY CUTE. AND CUDDLY! Books on Baby Animals are Popular with Everybody! These series use vibrant, CUTE pictures matched with age-appropriate text. Your readers learn the basics of each, all while wanting them as pets.

 OA761920   |  36 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr K-3: Animal Fun Facts

This delightful series gives readers lots of fun facts about many different animals. Big, colorful photographs accompany each exciting piece of information.

 OA525501   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr K-3: Animal Rhyme Time!

From huge elephants to tiny bees, there's so much to learn about the animals that share the planet with us. Each volume of this delightful set uses rhyming text to teaches your readers fun facts about an animal. Being able to recognize certain sounds and parts of speech is an important step in mastering the English language. The use of rhyme makes it easier for your young learners to remember the information, which supports core concepts from elementary science curricula.

 OA525342   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr K-3: Cute Mini Animals

Who can resist a mini animal? These simple and adorable titles take a look at some of the most impossibly small species in the world! Easy language paired with fun and awesome images make this series a must-read!

 OA525246   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr K-3: Internet Animal Stars

Cute animals are everywhere on the internet! Your students learn about the lives of cats, dogs, otters, and other creatures when they aren’t starring in hilarious online videos. These guides to popular internet creatures showcase each animal’s life cycle, diet, and more alongside fun graphics inspired by social media. Scan QR codes throughout the books to watch videos of each cute animal.

 OA525437   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr K-3: Presidential Pets

Pets At The White House? What a GREAT CONCEPT! Kids LOVE Pets. From FDR’s famed Scottish Terrier, Fala, to Buchanan’s Elephant Herd – Yes, Elephants – readers will learn all about the pets and their lives in the White House. Unfortunately, Congress members do not have pets. They have a hard enough time taking care of themselves.

 OA525510   |  6 Books in Set
Animals - Gr K-3: Scoop On Poop

Just the word “poop” makes most people giggle, but excrement is a fact of life. Actually, it's a fact of all animal life. In this highly entertaining series, your readers be delighted to learn how to spot and identify the scat of animals. While they're on the trail of appealing creatures such as bats and bears, they'll learn more about them, their habitats, and the biological processes that make poop possible.

 OA525094   |  6 Books in Set
Animals - Gr. 2-5: Pollinators

From bees to butterflies, this series introduces your readers to some of Earth's most important pollinators. Your students learn about each animal's physical characteristics, behavior, life cycle, and habitat.

 OA525250   |  8 Books in Set
Animals - Gr. 2-5: Technology From Nature

UNIQUE! I Never Really Thought About it, but once I did, it is easy to see how nature influences technology. Your Kids Enjoy Animal Books; you have TONS of Animal Titles – But None Like This! Inventors have been inspired by nature forever and took what they learned to create items, now taken for granted. These titles use fascinating facts, simple text and dynamic photos to explain how the concept evolved from nature to reality.

 OA524864   |  8 Books in Set
Animals - Gr. 2-5: Which Is Which?

Butterfly or Moth? Frog or Toad? Wasp or Bee? (I’m running either way.) Each title introduces your kids to a pair of animals commonly confused. Your readers learn how to differentiate based on physical characteristics, habitats and behaviors. Solid Addition.

 OA524742   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr. 3-7: Endlings: The Last Species

When animals die out, the last survivor is called an endling. Readers will discover the moving stories of the last members of a species, how it came to extinction, the scientists who cared for and studied it, and what can be done to protect our incredible wildlife. Books include table of contents, glossary, index, author biography and information about other animals on the brink of extinction.

 OA525911   |  8 Books in Set
Animals - Gr. 3-7: Animal Rights

To Deliberately Hurt an Animal is the work of a psychopath. Students are just as concerned about this subject as adults. Your readers learn about the unethical behaviors, but more importantly, what is being done in the prevention area. Plus, they will see how and where to help.

 OA524681   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals - Gr. 3-7: Animals That Glow

Students will be amazed to learn that some insects and ocean animals make their own light, the amazing ability is called bioluminescence. Some creatures dangle a lighted lure to find prey, while others glow to scare off predators or attract mates. Look inside to learn all about bioluminescence--and get ready for a glow show!

 OA525913   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Farm - Gr 2-5: Blue Ribbon Animals

4-H. FFA. So many of my customers have one or both associated with their schools. Even if you don’t, Farm Animals are Simply Popular. Full-color photos, diagrams and age-appropriate text detail the steps from taking care of a baby animal to raising him for a show. Not every animal wins. Nor does a reader even need to own an animal to enjoy these books – completely different information. But the ones who show, can dream. And maybe one day they will have the top Hog in Five State Fairs all in the same year – just like my Grandpa, Locatis Farms.

 OA524730   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Farm - Gr. 2-5: Unusual Farm Animals

When you hear the work “livestock,” your students may think of cows, pigs, and chickens. However, “livestock” can mean any animal raised on a farm and used by people to produce food, clothing, medicine, or other products. Each volume addresses one of the more unusual farm animals in our country and around the world, including bees, reindeer, and snails. The manageable narratives are paired with detailed photographs of unusual farm animals being cared for by farmers. This unique approach to life science instruction is sure to engage developing readers.

 OA525401   |  8 Books in Set
Animals: Insects - Gr. 3-7: Xtreme Insects

Xtreme Insects further explores the world of six-legged creatures. Some bite people. Some are eaten by humans. Some are destructive. Some are helpful. Whatever the attributes, they are all fascinating. Your student will be drawn to the close-up photos and interesting, creepy facts presented in short, easy-to-read bursts of information. Did you know that a swarm of grasshoppers may be large enough to show up on radar? From the beautiful to the deadly, Your students will love to learn about these amazing insects.

 OA524429   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Records - Gr. 2-5: Animal Record Breakers

Biological diversity is part of what makes Earth special. Some animals are far larger than humans, while others are quite small. However, even animals of the same class can vary greatly in size. This set highlights some of the largest or heaviest animals of Earth, including the largest members of the classes Mammalia, Insecta, and Aves. Manageable texts and vivid photographs of African elephants, Chinese salamanders, and ostriches help your readers understand why these animals are so important. This exciting approach to life science is sure to enrapture readers.

 OA525402   |  7 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Reptiles - Gr. 3-7: Reptiles Rock!

From dragons to monster, the names given to some animals in the reptile group are pretty fantastical. But these incredible animals really exist, and the're really cool! Through dynamic, vivid images and accessible narratives, your readers encounter some of the biggest, baddest, raddest reptiles out there, including the sticky-footed gecko, the intriguing iguana, and the camouflaging chameleon. Facts about each animal's habitat, life cycle, and body support the elementary science curriculum and will fascinate future herpetologist and animal lovers alike.

 OA525416   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Scary - Gr. 2-5: Animal Face-Offs

Incredible Animal Face-Offs highlights animals that exemplify a specific skill, such as speed, camouflage, and hibernation. Animals are presented two at a time with contextual information, including diet, size, and habitat. Then, the animals are matched up in "face-offs" that compare their featured abilities. Your readers decide for themselves the winner of each face-off.

 OA525247   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Scary - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Animals With Bite

No, this series is not about politicians – or it would be called CLUELESS ANIMALS! Instead, it is a Reluctant Readers’ Dream: Animals that need their “Big Bite” for catching prey, eating or fighting. Simple text with action-packed photos, allow your students to discover where the animal lives, appearance, and why it has a “Big Bite.” Titles Will Circulate!

 OA525502   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Scary - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Animals With Venom!

All animals have special characteristics that make them good at hunting or defending themselves. But animals with venom may be the coolest! This series introduces each animal, where it lives, what it eats, and how it uses its venom to survive. This series is at Level 1 and is written specifically for your beginning readers.

 OA525281   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Scary - Gr. 3+(Hi/Lo): Scary Animal Traits

Claws, Fangs, Venom, Stingers are the stuff of NIGHTMARES! (Or at least MY nightmares!) Imaginative design – as close to Danger as I want to get – the text / photos explore what animals use for their defense & attacking…becoming both Predator & Prey!

 OA524729   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Sharks - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Swimming With Sharks!

I am not a part of Shark Week. So there is ZERO chance I am “swimming” with Jaws! But kids can’t seem to get enough of them! With vivid photos, easy-to-read text and amazing facts about these predators, your Reluctant Reader – or any student – will find themselves immersed learning everything about sharks—and hopefully skipping the water where those scary beasts live!

 OA525512   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Snakes - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Slithering Snakes

Simple text & up-close photos make these books a MUST FOR READERS. Students will learn how the snake hunts, habitat, nesting and why they bite... that is the part where I faint. Ideal for some of your kids to get into Reading!

 OA525511   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Snakes - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Xtreme Snakes

Simple text & up-close images make these books a must as readers. They learn how the snake hunts, habitat, nesting and what to do if bitten....faint!

 OA524744   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Traits - Gr K-3: Animals With Camo

This series gives readers a better look at some of the animals within the animal kingdom that use camouflage as a defense. Each title will introduce the animal, where it can be found on the globe, and how it uses camouflage to survive. This series is at a Level 1 and is written specifically for beginning readers.

 OA525910   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Traits - Gr K-3: Animal Classifications

A Staple in Your Animal Section. Oliver wants to know if those series are ugly, bland, boring, worn? Go Look…He will wait. They are ALL of the above? These books use beautiful photos with simple information. Your readers will learn about the class through basic characteristics, examples, Fun Facts and easy differences between the groups.

 OA524723   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Traits - Gr K-3: Animal Homes

From Caves to Webs, this series explains the how, why & where animals use their skills to create a Home. Vivid images give examples of the animal’s home and the entire process.

 OA524724   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Traits - Gr K-3: Animals With Armor

Readers will learn things like why rhinos have such thick skin and horns, why beetles have two sets of wings, and what an armadillo's shell is made of. Each title will also cover where the animal or insect lives, what it likes to eat, and other interesting facts. This series is at a Level 1 and is written specifically for beginning readers.

 OA525914   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Traits - Gr K-3: Transforming Animals

Readers will find inspiration in the six life cycles of the Transforming Animals series. It gives a close-up of nature's elaborate transformations, from a caterpillar and its chrysalis to a tadpole beginning to hop.

 OA525912   |  6 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Traits - Gr. 2-5: Animal Survival

Some animals blend in with their surroundings. Some team up with other animals or travel huge distances each year. Each species has amazing adaptations that help it stay safe, fed, and alive. Animal Survival introduces readers to a variety of survival techniques and how each one allows an animal to thrive in its habitat.

 OA525891   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Traits - Gr. 2-5: Awesome Animal Powers

Meet the largest rodent in North America and the bird that can see more colors than a human can! The Awesome Animal Powers series will delight young readers as they learn about each animal's unique abilities. Basic information is covered, such as life cycle, range, diet, predators, and threats.

 OA524727   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Traits - Gr. 3+(Hi/Lo): Superhero Animals

GREAT CONCEPT!! SUPERHEROES are created from Animals? Very True. Batman, Spider-Man and the Black Panther literally were derived from creatures. These titles compare the abilities and strengths the animal and Superhero share. Colorful photographs and simple text make each an interesting and enjoyable read. Guaranteed TO FLY OFF YOUR SHELVES!

 OA525248   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Traits - Gr. 7-12: Animal Evolution

This series explores how the process of evolution resulted in the animals we know today. Each book examines a major group of animals, with titles on amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, and reptiles. The books trace the evolutionary history of these groupings as far back as possible, examining not only what we know but how we know it.

 OA524910   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Weird - Gr K-3: Brainless Animals!

What happens to a creature that doesn't have a brain? How does it survive? As it turns out, there are many animals that do without brains! This set tempts your young readers with exciting facts about these animals who do things just a bit differently. Focusing on invertebrates from stinging jellyfish to regenerating sea stars, this set examines “brainless” animal life cycles and what features each animal has that help it survive.

 OA525318   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Weird - Gr. 2-5: Weird & Wonderful Animals

Our planet is filled with WEIRD and WONDERFUL Creatures! Through awesome images, interesting facts, and simple text, this fascinating series investigate the habitats, life cycles and behaviors of Earth's WEIRDEST!

 OA525191   |  8 Books in Set
NEW! Animals: Weird - Gr. 3-7: Crazy Creatures

Many creatures of the animal kingdom have crazy adaptations. In fact, they can be downright mind-boggling. Albino animals, animals with armor, and camouflaged creatures—as well as others—make our world a more unique place. This set introduces readers to basic science concepts about evolutionary biology, and accessible language makes these complex ideas easy to understand. Fact boxes provide your students with supplementary information to the main content.

 OA525393   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Working - Gr K-3: Working Animals

KIDs Love Animals. ANYTHING Animals. But they really enjoy books which show the creatures doing something different. At a very low-level with brilliant photos, readers will be engaged as they learn how the animals are trained, where they live and how they help our community. Fascinating Titles!

 OA524743   |  6 Books in Set
Animals: Working - Gr. 3+ (Hi/Lo): Canine Athletes

With a great design using fun facts, interesting photo captions and informative text, this REVIEW says it Best: “Readers will be thrilled to find this informative series. These titles could find a home either with books about dogs or in your sports section; you won’t regret adding this series to your team.” – School Library Journal.

 OA524731   |  6 Books in Set


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